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39. Theory of Anything

Saxophonist and composer, Anders Lønne Grønseth, released his album “Multiverse” in 2018. This year he released the second part of the same recording session from 2017. The latest album is called “Theory of Anything”.

Grønseth’s compositions are based on his thoughts on bitonal scales system, a combination of two or more scales, and the music is played creatively and seamlessly together with Hayden Powell (trumpet), Espen Berg (piano), Audun Ellingsen (bass) and Einar Scheving (drums).

A theoretical understanding of music is however not required in order to fully enjoy the sounds created by this quintet. For those of us who take a less scientific approach to the act of listening, there’s still very much to enjoy in his music. With roots in the jazz tradition, Grønseth seeks out a broad span of influences which come to display both in his playing and writing. Examples are classical composition, Indian classical music and Maqam tradition of the Middle-East. This combined with the creative interaction between the group members and strong solos makes this album both diverse and complete.

I had the great pleasure of hearing this quintet perform at Herr Nilsen about a month ago, so here are some reposted pictures from the concert.

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