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34. Svela live and recorded

After finishing his degree at Leeds College of Music, Eirik Svela worked in the U.K. for several years as a freelance musician. In 2014 he moved back to Norway and has since been establishing himself as an important new voice of a new generation of jazz musicians in Oslo. In 2018 he completed his master’s degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

A couple of weeks ago I heard Eirik Svela play at a BYJAZZ concert at the Culture House in Oslo with his quartet featuring Alexander Hoholm on bass, Magnus Eide on drums and Julia Wiklund on saxophone. Eirik Svela Quartet gave the audience a Sunday jazz brunch with an East-coast touch. Svela led his group through two great sets. Some extra credit goes to the amazing drummer, Eide, who finished the last set with an amazing drum solo!

After the concert I bought a CD from Eirik Svela, and it’s currently occupying the soundscape in my living room. His album “Bits & Pieces” was released in september 2018. It was recorded at Vibromonk Studios, Broooklyn, New York, with the English sax player Dave Edge, the Norwegian Tore T. Sandbakken on drums and the US star Sam Yahel on Hammond B3 organ. Apart from the last song “I'll Be Seeing You” all compositions are by Eirik Svela. “Bits & Pieces” has that wonderful New York jazz club vibe - a great addition to my record collection!

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