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30. Joint forces

For a while now Anders Thorén and I have discussed how we can join forces in order to strengthen both of our projects and achieve our common vision; to make jazz music more available and create new platforms for musical dialogue.

Hence, as of this fall I will join Anders in planning and organizing the Sunday BYJAZZ events at the Culture House in Oslo. Every Sunday we invite music and jazz enthusiasts to come through and listen to live music with us at one of Oslo’s coolest venues. Anders will also join me in planning next year’s Building Bridges events. Yes… plural! I promise you we are also planning for a very exiting 2019.

Here’s the first part of the BYJAZZ fall / winter program. This fall we celebrate our women in jazz. BYJAZZ presents amazing music from some of our best musicians and leading women in jazz:

Maren Selvaag 26/8

Maren Selvaag - piano, Jesper Bodilsen - bass, Anders Thorén - trommer

Ayumi Tanaka Trio 9/9

Ayumi Tanaka - piano, Christian Meaas Svendsen - bass, Per Oddvar Johansen - trommer

Karmen Roivassepp 16/9

Karmen Roivassepp - vokal, Kjetil Jerve - piano, Tim Thornton - bass, Anders Thorén - trommer

Significant Time 23/9

Signe Irene Time - vokal, Øyvind Dahle - piano, Frerik L. Dietrichson, Raymond Lavik

Siril & Jacob 30/9

Siril M. Hauge - vokal, Jacob Young - gitar

Ellen Brekken 7/10

Anders Aarum - piano, Ellen Brekken - bass, Magnus Eide - trommer

Since it’s also Thursday, here’s a tbt pic from one of Anders’ concerts last year

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