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13. Building Bridges

For a while now I have been working on the project, Building Bridges

In the spirit of the global engagement of UNESCO, to contribute to the development of education and dialogue, the purpose of the project is to give an opportunity for young jazz musicians to relate directly to a wider international audience, and participate in musical dialogue.

The Building Bridges project is a concept where musicians and audiences at multiple venues can connect through live streaming. In 2017 we realize the pilot event, a simulcast performance between New York City and Oslo. The pilot will take place on April 30th. Two concerts, one at the Oslo Concert Hall in Norway, and one at the Smalls Jazz Club in New York City.

We have two fantastic piano trios performing at the respective venues. Davis Whitfield will lead the trio playing at Smalls. Espen Berg brings his trio to the Oslo Concert Hall. Both trios will play their own original compositions. In addition, we have decided to honor the late composer and pianist Kenny Kirkland by having the trios play their versions of some of his compositions.

Hope you all will join us in celebrating music and jazz on April 30th!

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