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2. Spoken like a true sax

This secondofjazz I chose to write about the saxophonist, Baptiste Herbin.

The saxophone is a powerful instrument. The different sounds of the saxophone is as multifaceted as the sound of the human voice. The sound of the sax can be strict, mature, caring, sad, annoying, intellectual, playful, loving, and so on. Like a voice it can tell a sad story, comfort you, tell a joke (I've heard mostly good ones so far), remind you of kindness, make you listen and challenge you intellectually. Hence, this instrument gives the musician a possibility to awake many emotions in their audience - and that's power. However, it's said that people are convinced by people, not arguments. If I was to translate this to music I would say that there's a strong person behind the sound of a strong saxophone.

This performance by Baptiste Herbin speaks to me. I think Herbin plays in a very honest and pure way. He shifts between various atmospheres throughout his performance, and tells a story worth listening to.

Here's the link.

Enjoy, and have a good secondofjazz!

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