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1. Dedication is the word!

So, I heard this guy play live at a small jazz club in Nice, France, a couple of summers ago. Together with his very musically talented friends, he turned this evening into a groovy one.

This months secondofjazz profile is Thomas Galliano. He's inspired by the great Elvin Jones, who is one of the many greats who has convinced the world that drummers don't really need a backing band. Thomas shared with me some great stories about how he came to be a truly dedicated jazz musician. At the time we met I'd had a long break from songwriting. But his passion is really contagious, so contagious, in fact, that once I got home from Nice that summer, I immediately sat down and wrote some new songs.

If I had to describe my perception of Thomas using just one word it would be dedication! His music is wonderful. See and hear for yourself, link:

Thomas Galliano just recorded his first album with a quintet entitled “Walking Towards The Unknown” alongside Myron Walden, Luques Curtis, Victor Gould and Jeremy Pelt. On his webpage and facebook page you can learn more about his backgroud and hear more of his music.

I wish you all a great second of jazz! (I know I posted on the 3rd, it's a syncopation)

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